Dion Timmer – Arcane EP Annnounce & Interview

Posted: 03-12-2021

Dion Timmer’s Arcane EP is coming this Wednesday, March 17th! Arcane features 7 tracks, including the lead single “All My Thoughts” with Lucii that you won’t want to miss.

We wanted to dive in deeper into what it took to create this EP, so we asked him some questions. Here is a preview, the full interview is on his revamped website.

How does the Arcane EP differ from your previous projects?

I would see “Arcane” as probably one of my more “organic” works. The tracks on this record might be lacking the crazy rave leads I used to put in my older works, but I still tried to give them that signature “Dion” feel, that “different” feel.
How did the collaborations on Arcane, including the lead single with Lucii, come to be?

These collaborations were all made throughout the last couple of years; even before I released my “Enter Achroma” album. Enter Achroma was primarily a fully-original produced piece, so I wanted to save the collaborations I was…

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